Mr. Eisenhart and Mr. Farquhar practice many in many areas of law.  The breadth and depth of their practice make them experienced legal practitioners. 

Both attorneys provide criminal defense representation in both misdemeanor and felony cases, and represent juveniles and their parents in juvenile court.  In addition, both attorneys are experienced in civil litigation, including family law, dispute resolution, contract law, and tax representation. Eisenhart & Farquhar is one of the most experienced law offices in Southwest Nebraska in the area of real estate and estate probate and planning.   The firm's real estate practice includes sales contracts, title options, easements, assistance with negotiations, real estate closings, and abstracting. Other services include business law matters, specifically creation of new business entities, such as LLC's, S-Corps, C-Corps, and partnerships, business tax planning, as well as banking, employment law, and contract review. 

The firm offers agricultural law services, including water and irrigation rights and transfers and representation for clients in connection with legal issues involving irrigation and Nebraska Natural Resource Districts (NRDs).  Services related to oil and gas  include ownership research, interest foreclosure, lease drafting, survey contract review, division orders, and assistance in negotiations with oil and gas companies and land men.

Mr. Eisenhart and Mr. Farquhar both have extensive experience in creation of wills and trusts (including special needs trusts), probate, and a keen interest in estate planning for farmers and ranchers.